StemBender® Revolutionizes Gardening to Deliver Maximum Yields

Berkeley, CA, March 17, 2014 – Developed by artist and craftsman, Steve Akana, the StemBender® is an aid for training plants, which enables users to “bend like the pros” simply, easily, effectively and safely without doing damage to the stem of the plant.

The StemBender® is a flexible support that allows the user to bend the stem of a plant in any direction, up to 90 degrees. It also acts as a splint that holds the stem safely, while healing and strengthening takes place.

“By manipulating the plants’ shape, users are able to open up the canopy of their plant to allow more exposure to light. That will ultimately results in greater plant production.   This principle can be seen in the horizontal training of commercially grown grape vines,” explains Akana.

Until now, a traditional method used to bend plant stems included using wires, ties and sticks. Users find it time consuming and can sometimes be damaging to the plants. Due to the flexible nature of the StemBender® design, the StemBender® can stay on the plant and flex to fit as the stem grows. The StemBender® also allows the stems to be bent sideways or re-adjusts to an upright position, if desired.

“I saw a need for an easy to use aid for Low Stress Training that anyone could use during all stages of plant growth and flowering. “Says Akana.

The re-usable quality of the StemBender® makes economic sense in the long term health of your garden.

Akana Designs LLC plans to unveil their product for the first time to the public at the Maximum Yield SF Indoor Gardening Show, this July, 2014.